José Garcia

Street Maintenance Senior Service Worker

I grew up here in Santa Cruz and came to Public Works eight years ago after recovering from a serious health problem.

I had been working as a dispatcher when my first brain aneurysm struck ten years ago. With my second aneurysm, I was told I might not survive, but three incredible surgical procedures at Stanford have kept me healthy many years now. Knock on wood.

As part of Public Works’ Streets Crew, I enjoy being a senior worker and teaching new recruits everything I know about building sidewalks and fencing and asphalt and concrete. The best part of my work is being outdoors. The physical work keeps me in shape. Although, once on the job, I tripped over my own feet—the crew still gives me a hard time over this!

I enjoy spending time with my wife and five kids, two of whom are in law enforcement. My hobbies are old cars and taking care of my yard and motorcycle. I also love listening to Country-Western music—especially Shania Twain.