Greg Galvin

Wastewater Treatment Facility Electrical/Instrumentation Supervisor

It is rare to have a boss who has confidence in your ability and is not a micro-manager. He gives me freedom to make the wastewater plant more sustainable and to update the technology used in our processes, which also keeps me involved in new methods and learning new systems.

Hopefully the public sees that their local treatment facility is caring for the planet through these and other green efforts.

I am Earth-conscious off the job as well. I was an early adopter of home solar in 2001 and also owned the first-year Honda Hybrid. So my sustainable living goes back a long time. I am known for living an energy efficient lifestyle and have a garden, fruit trees, composter, tank-less water heater, low flow water fixtures and so on.

I made a trek to Mount Everest several years ago. In three weeks of traversing through the Himalayas, I came across many innovative ways that the people interacted with their surroundings to make their lives easier, without depleting resources. The U.S. calls itself a first-world country. In many respects, places that we call second and third world are vastly ahead of us with respect to caring for the environment which we call home.