Chris Schneiter

Assistant Director of Public Works/City Engineer

Back in 1987, after working in Switzerland for four years, I was hunting for a job along the California coast. Public Works offered an interesting opportunity in Traffic Engineering. I really wanted to live and work in beautiful Santa Cruz, close to the ocean and San Francisco. It's a bit far from the Sierras, but I've adapted!

I enjoy solving the intricate puzzle of how to provide funding, permits and community buy-in for sound infrastructure improvements that are needed and desired in the community. I manage excellent staff and the challenging projects in the Engineering Division and other departments. I work closely with the Transportation and Operations managers on infrastructure improvements. Projects include everything Public Works.

Surprises have included finding a partial Native American skull on a project, the amazing people I've met as a result of the Arana Gulch Multi-Use Trail Project, and the incredible work that my fellow employees do daily along with the sense of humor they have when the going gets tough!

In my free time I like to bike ride, travel, camp and spend time with family and friends. Lately I'm listening to a lot of '80s rock that my teenager is sharing with me.