Robert Solick

Principal Management Analyst/Emergency Operations Center Manager (recently retired)

Born and bred in Brooklyn, with world travels on hold, I moved to Public Works after a brief career at Child Protective Services. Over 20 years my responsibilities included human resources, finance, emergency management, public outreach and business analysis. My view has always been to turn workload challenges into opportunities and try to remember to remain positive.

Providing services to the Santa Cruz community has been meaningful and rewarding to me all these years. And, the relationships and friendships along the way have been the icing on the cake. As my favorite songwriter, Bob Dylan wrote, “Don't get up gentlemen. I'm only passing through!”—I am grateful to Public Works for this opportunity.

As my admiration for Dylan and his music is well known, guests at my 50th birthday party gave me one of the best surprises when I looked up, hearing them sing “Happy Birthday” in Dylan’s drawl while wearing masks of Mr. Dylan!

Four wonderful grandchildren and the rest of my family are the light of my life. We are a composting, rain-water-gathering, solar-powered clan.