Guadalupe Sanchez

Resource Recovery Supervisor, Corporate Yard

I started as a temp in Sanitation in 1998 and loved it immediately. My 4 a.m. to 1 p.m. schedule has allowed me to be active in my kids’ classrooms all through their school years. My son is now at Cabrillo and my daughter attends Santa Cruz High.

Today I am in Resource Recovery, where I oversee the details of street sweeping and solid waste, recycling and green waste pick-ups. This includes maintaining routes, dispatching drivers and customer service. I also work with contractors and home-owners to ensure that what we haul is recorded properly for green points and state requirements. I make sure that garbage is collected, customers have the correct service level, and streets and sidewalks are clean and clear.

You won’t believe how many times I've seen naked and half-naked people running out of their homes pushing garbage carts trying to make the pick-up! So I have to love Santa Cruz and enjoy being part of the day-to-day here helping the City to look good.

One of the best kept Public Works secrets is how very pretty our landfill is out on Dimeo Lane. It has a spectacular view which matches its exceptional operations.

I’m into “resource recovery” at home, too. I’m excited about my new compost bin. I re-use and recycle everything possible and I only purchase what I need.

On my days off you may find me hiking, dancing or cooking up a storm.