Jennie Munster

Quality Assurance/Quality Control Chemist

After leaving Santa Cruz to go to graduate school in New York, I wanted to come back and use my education to assist the City in any way possible. My education in studying groundwater contamination, wastewater and non-point sources of pollution complemented wastewater laboratory work. I've been at the Wastewater Treatment Facility since 2010.

The lab is here to serve the environmental needs of the community. It also serves the process control needs of the wastewater plant to maintain compliance with state and federal regulations. My main role is to manage the quality of data produced for these functions.

The lab is constantly changing to keep up with improved technology and new community needs. I have implemented methods for measuring nutrients, estrogens and caffeine in wastewater and environmental samples.

Being able to both work and live in the same city is important to me—especially given my two young children. I used to have time for rugby, rock climbing, jogs and yoga, but now my activities center around their needs with trips to the park, beach, local festivals and nature hikes. I’m excited to be able to introduce my passions to them when they are older and maybe find some new ones.