Michelle Courtroul

Laboratory Technician, Wastewater Treatment Facility

I grew up in Connecticut and made my way to California shortly after high school with dreams of going to college, living by the beach and the redwoods, and meeting great people.

This Public Works opportunity has allowed me to combine my laboratory technician experience with a degree in Environmental Studies and Biology. Every day I feel like I’m helping to keep Monterey Bay safe and clean.

I love the camaraderie among my co-workers at the Wastewater Treatment Facility. It feels like I’m working with an extended family—crazy uncles and all!

One thing that Public Works doesn’t know about me: I spent 10 years following the Grateful Dead on tour and going to college in between. It took me 10 years to get my bachelor’s degree, but I experienced the whole country and have some terrific memories.

Along with quilting, reading, biking and hiking, I spend a good deal of my down time sitting on my deck with an Arnold Palmer, a good book and a cat in my lap. Life is good.