Agnes Topp

Environmental Projects Analyst

Born and raised in France, I arrived at Public Works two years ago after graduating from college in Hawaii and working as an environmental consultant there.

I enjoy working on the City’s Storm Water Management Program. As Environmental Projects Analyst, I manage the execution of our Low Impact Development site design approach that uses techniques to slow and infiltrate storm water to mimic the natural hydrology. Keeping up with the rapidly changing field of water quality in California is both stimulating and challenging.

I'm gratified that my job connects me to nature which is an endless source of curiosity for me. I’m constantly amazed by its regenerative nature and its diversity here on the West Coast.

Many of my hobbies connect me to nature as well: hiking, surfing, stand-up paddle-boarding, drawing, painting, traveling.

Did I forget to mention horseback riding?!

Since buying a horse one year ago, this has become my greatest personal pastime. Actually, I didn’t want to buy a horse, it kind of "happened" to me after only six months of serious riding. Although I had wanted a horse my entire life, it seemed too surreal to have actually happened.

There’s no doubt that this horse makes me a better person.