Jess Davila

Street Maintenance Crew Leader

My most memorable day on the job as Streets Crew Leader was seeing President Bush come to town after the earthquake. Second to this was when I received a customer service award at the annual Public Works barbecue. And I greatly enjoyed my first years here when the old timers gathered for card games at lunch and told stories about their early experiences with the City.

I was drawn to Public Works 34 years ago because I wanted to work for the town I grew up in and enjoyed outdoor construction work. There’s always a full plate maintaining the streets and sidewalks and storm drains for the citizens of Santa Cruz. The challenge is completing jobs with minimal traffic delays and maximum safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

I have been involved in Santa Cruz projects both on and off the job such as moving the train at Harvey West Park that I played on as a kid, and filling in the pool at Pogonip. I helped out during the ‘82 flood, the ‘89 earthquake and several El NiƱo floods.

It means a lot to me to provide quality service to the town that’s been home to me, my wife and children.