Art Lorenson

Senior Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator

I grew up in the deep woods of northern Virginia—hiking, canoeing and camping.

From 1967-1971, I served in the U.S. Navy as a machinist mate in the engine room of a destroyer escort. Later, I ran a plumbing shop and worked as a form carpenter and concrete finisher on high-rise buildings. When all large construction projects in Virginia’s Fairfax County were shut down due to a sewer moratorium, I became a mechanic in the wastewater treatment industry.

Over 22 years now with Santa Cruz Public Works, I’ve worked my way up through Operator to Senior Operator at the Wastewater Treatment Facility. I oversee the operation, inspection and maintenance of equipment and facilities including adjusting that may be needed to maintain an efficient operation and meet regulatory requirements for effluent discharge.

Service to the City’s residents and guarding the environment are honorable goals that do more than just make you feel good.

My personal pleasures include the view of our coastline from an ocean perspective, a view of the whole Monterey Bay and watching whales from my balcony.

The music I listen to includes Harry Nilsson, Dire Straits and Mike Ortega who is a fellow Senior Operator at the WWTF.

Of course my favorite food is Chesapeake Bay blue crabs—something everyone should enjoy at least once in life!