Mary Arman

Operations Manager, Resource Recovery and Administrative Services (recently retired)

Now, 19 years after seeing an ad in the newspaper that looked like a perfect job for my background and diverse interests, I can say that it was. I managed Resource Recovery Operations (solid waste, recycling, street sweeping, waste reduction) and directed Administrative Services for Public Works until my retirement which began on December 30th. My work encompassed a wide scope—from getting the garbage picked up to putting together our $50 million budget to advising supervisors on how to handle disciplinary issues.

I’m a small town Oregon kid from a middle-class working family. I went to college in Colorado and then worked on the Oregon Coast for 17 years (land-use planner, parks and rec director, aquarium operations manager) before moving to Santa Cruz.

I chose a career in local government because I believe it is the only level of government that can respond to citizens, neighborhoods and communities at a personal level. I think that we, as employees of the City of Santa Cruz, deliver on that responsiveness daily. Local residents may not realize how much we affect their lives: multiple times every day, and almost always in a positive way!

I am passionate about the need to protect and preserve our natural environment— rivers, coral reefs, wilderness, wildlife. I enjoy scuba diving, whitewater kayaking and rafting, reading, walking, Afro-Caribbean music and peanut butter (crunchy!)