Filipina Warren

Office Supervisor

It’s sure never boring in the Public Works front office! We get some interesting phone calls from the public. I’ve had to explain more than once that the probability of finding a diamond ring that was mistakenly flushed down the toilet is slim to none.

Besides supervising front office staff, I provide administrative support and customer service to the various Public Works divisions and other City departments. This ranges from staff reports for City Council or Commissions, processing purchase orders and invoices, researching budget issues and knowing how to maneuver through Eden financial software, not to mention, putting out small fires.

I know what goes on behind the scenes to take care of the City, so I don’t take any of the work done by our employees for granted. I think that Public Works does a great job addressing issues that are brought to our attention. I’ve learned that sometimes there are quick fixes and other times it takes a bit longer.

As I enjoy being active, I bike ride with my son, trail run with my dog, and play roller derby with the Santa Cruz Derby Girls Seabright Sirens. I’m also a red belt one-stripe in taekwondo (almost a black belt) and have participated in Tough Mudder twice now. It’s a crazy 10-12 mile event with obstacles and, yes, a great deal of mud!

I love music. Right now I’m listening to Amp Live (Headphone Concerto album is really, really good), Disclosure, Bomba Estereo, Wiz Khalifa, Adrian Marcel … so I enjoy going to concerts and finding new music online. I also love dancing, reading, and finding treasures at thrift stores.